In this post I’m going to teach you how to read for FREE!

You Can Read for Free!

Lots of people I talk to feel limited in what they can read because of the cost of books, but I’ve found a way to read for free! It’s not that big of a secret but here it is….I buy books on Amazon, and then after I read the I put the books back on Amazon and sell them!

CLICK HERE to be taken to the Amazon Seller Central page. All you do is sign up, put your book titles up for sale and then ship them out when someone buys them. The seller pays for shipping. All you need is a bit of time to take the book to the local post office and wrap it up and done. I know, not rocket science but that’s how I’ve read over 700 books for free!

Why Reading is Important

A massive realization I had years ago is that the only reason successful people are successful is because they have more knowledge than average people. That’s it. With more knowledge, successful people make better choices in life and success becomes inevitable for them. They consistently make good choices over and over for years and it compounds just like interest or dividends.

  • Successful people have more knowledge about money so they have more wealth.
  • Successful people have more knowledge about health so they are more attractive.
  • Successful people have more knowledge about psychology so they have happier marriages, better friendships and healthier long term relationships.

The more knowledge you have, the more successful you will be, it’s inevitable or as Warren Buffet says “the more you learn, the more you earn”.

But I read a book and nothing changes, nothing happens!

I think what is misunderstood about books is they are not instant fixes to your life. The thing with books is you read them and nothing happens. You read a book about how to become a millionaire and as soon as you finish it you’re still not a millionaire and you say to yourself “That didn’t work! Reading is stupid!”.

That’s the wrong way to read a book. A perspective you need to adapt around books is a book is like having a conversation with a very wise man or woman. You listen to what they say and then later in your life you remember “Oh yeah! That smart guy said….” and apply it as your life unfolds. Each book is like collecting little pieces of success that you put together like a puzzle and over time your life becomes better. Understand?

I read 2-3 books per week, how?

Because of this realization I try to read 2-3 books a week, and over the years I’ve read over 700 books to date – most good, some bad but all have helped me become more successful in all areas.

When I tell people I do this they think I’m crazy! “I don’t have that kind of time! Books are too expensive! I just can’t focus for that long!” and so many other excuses that hold them back from inevitable success. Again, the more knowledge you have the more successful you will be in all areas of life.

If you really don’t have the time to read check out an app called Blinkist which is an amazing piece of technology that has condensed 1,000’s of popular books into 10-15 minute audio summaries. You’ll learn the golden nuggets out of each book in a few minutes of just listening. Mind blowing when I found it.

Netflix or Reading a Book?

What is a book? Let’s break it down. It’s usually a 200 page document written by someone who is an expert around the topic with decades of experience doing it. They condense everything they know, the most important parts down into this 200 page manual and you can get that for about $10! Do you actually realize how under priced a book is!?

A page takes about 1 minute to read on average so 200 pages = 200 minutes or about 3-4 hours of total reading time. How many hours do you spend watching Netflix? And you’re telling me you can’t find the time to read? Does Netflix exponentially improve your life with every 3-4 hour binge watch? Books do. I’m not saying never watch Netflix, I’m saying make reading a priority in your life and find a balance so success is inevitable for you too!

Knowledge Topics That Make Your Life Easier!

1. Money/Finances/Taxes

2. Psychology/Relationships

3. Health/Fitness/Nutrition

4. Governments/Politics

5. Geography/Culture

6. Evolution/Religion

Having more knowledge in these areas will make you a more “well rounded” person. Having more knowledge in these 6 areas is why successful people are successful. The only thing stopping you from having the same knowledge as them and being successful is you!

With the same wisdom they have you’ll make better choices too in these 6 areas when those situations come up in your life. Educating yourself in these 6 areas will give you an experts opinion and advice in your brain to help guide you, so what are you waiting for?!

The Best Books I’ve Read For Business & Personal Growth

People always ask me what books they should read so to make it easier for you, I put together this book list of the best 150 books I’ve ever read! The wisdom in them changed my life drastically, immediately after reading them. I suggest you scroll through the list and pick 6 books, one in each of the categories I listed above.

Click on the book to go right to Amazon and grab it now! It literally can’t be easier to improve your life than this and I wish someone did this for me 20 years ago! When they come in, make reading them a priority. 6 books is 1200 pages or 1200 minutes/20 hours of total reading time. An hour here, 1/2 hour there, 15 minutes sitting on the bus and boom! After a few days or weeks 6 experts are uploaded to your brain! Keep going. Having the knowledge in them transferred into your brain will ONLY make your life easier and better!

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