Hey there, I’m Jason.

I run a business that generates over $1 million in revenue per year, and I’m the only employee!

Since my Forbes article was published in 2018 about this online business I’ve built, so many people have been reaching out asking how I built it. Every time I explained the process to them it seemed like I kept repeating myself so I decided to turn the crucial steps into my 39 lessons program. By going through the program you will learn the steps I took, the mistakes I made and the things I learned along the way. By putting together this program I hope that these key lessons will help other people just like you build successful online businesses.

I didn’t always know how to do this online business thing. Only a few years ago I was a regular 9-5 guy. I went to school for Mechanical Engineering Design, a 2 year program offered at a college in London, Ontario, Canada.

From there I worked for many of the large engineering firms in the world. Hatch Ltd., SNC Lavalin Inc., Siemens and more! I learned a lot at each job and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to work at each.

The thing that always bothered me about working at these places, however, was having to wake up before I wanted to, commute through traffic, spend 8 hours somewhere I don’t really want to be, with people I don’t really want to be around and do things how someone else wants them done. Then spend more time commuting home in more traffic and feel too exhausted to do anything else, day in, day out.

I needed to get out of this hamster wheel so I started a side business, J – CAD Inc. which was offering my engineering skills to local machine shops, manufacturing facilities and welders in Toronto and surrounding area. I did this for years while working a full time job so it definitely wasn’t an overnight success. From 2006 – 2013 in fact.

Then it finally started to pick up, or more specifically my business skills and knowledge started to pick up. I was able to quit my job in 2013 and have never looked back!

The program I’ve created explains the 39 most important lessons I learned along the way that I wish someone told me early on. Knowing them in advanced would have let me accelerate my business a lot faster and that’s what I am hoping to do for you with this program. Warren Buffet says “learning from your mistakes is good, but learning from other’s mistakes is better.” so learn from my mistakes and save yourself years of trial & error.

Global Traveler & Digital Nomad

My home base is in Toronto, Canada but I travel the world constantly. In the last few years I’ve been to 50+ countries and this is all possible because online business is possible. For the first time in history, we can make money anywhere in the world if you own an online business. It’s nice to have this freedom and you can enjoy it too!

I can work wherever I want as long as I have a WI-FI connection. This is called being a “digital nomad”. Sometimes I work at home, sometimes I work on an Italian beach and other times it’s up in the Swiss Alps. I want to help you build your online business idea quicker so you can enjoy the same lifestyle sooner.

To date, I have 43 employees all over the world. Most I have traveled to and met, some I haven’t. That’s another great thing about an online business. As you grow your business you’ll need more and more help. It’s actually easier to hire people outside of USA or Canada because there is amazing talent all over the world and finding them isn’t that hard. Having people all over the world is a great excuse to go and meet them! You basically have a local tour guide in a place you might have never gone to in your life. This is one of my favorite parts about the businesses I run because I have amazing employees I call friends all over the world that I can visit whenever I like, usually when I want a break from the Canadian winter!

Online Business Expert

As an inexperienced entrepreneur, my early business ideas failed. Since then I have started multiple online businesses with $0 up front. Some have generated $100,000’s while others make $1,000,000’s/year in revenue. I don’t start a new business unless I’m sure of many things including predicting margins of 25-50% or more and I’m sure of these things before I even start. My goal is to teach you how.

Want to get in touch with me directly?

I’m a busy guy, but I read every email that hits my inbox and try to get back to everyone who emails me when I am able to. You can get in touch with me directly at . Unfortunately I’m not able to provide one on one coaching via email but if you get the Advanced Lessons and join the Facebook Group you’ll be able post comments and see my responses to your comments regularly.

Or alternatively, if you purchase my course, you have access to me through a private Facebook group that comes as a bonus.

Want to take a peak into my lifestyle?

A picture tells a thousand words, check out my Instagram feed to see some of my laptop all over the world, travels and day-to-day adventures: